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ACTIVATE Performing Arts runs a large selection of Schools Workshops which are suitable for all ages up to A Level


Activate are dedicated to providing professional tuition at affordable prices.

We see the child as an individual allowing them to develop their skills at the appropriate pace.

We provide a fun and safe environment that allows children to learn.

Shows are picked specifically
for their potential to provide
new skills and develop old ones.

Throughout rehearsal phases
each child is treated equally
and performances progress
through workshops that allow
all children to be involved in
the process.

Activate are committed to
providing opportunities for all
young people to take part in
the performing arts.

Activate Summer Schools introduce new skills so that everyone can take part on an equal base. New children can enjoy a week alongside regular Activate class attendees. In particular devising features heavily as the majority of classes work on scripts throughout the academic year.

As well as running classes and
youth theatres Activate also
has a selection of workshops
for schools.
Please see the schools page.


Clare-Rose Savage,
Assistant Director of
Performing Arts,
Marches School and Technology

Clare has provided opportunities for students of all abilities to be involved in the process of creating live theatre. This opportunity has proved to be extremely enriching for the students at The Marches School.

It has not only further developed their knowledge of theatrical performance but it has also improved the confidence of individuals who have thrived in the safe, comfortable yet disciplined environment Clare creates.

Clare has high expectations and this has allowed the students to fully appreciate the focus, stamina and techniques required to prepare and deliver a high quality performance.

DC Primary,

Parents who attended the
Christmas Show were very
impressed ...

Chirk Infants School,

The children really enjoyed
the work shop and kept on
task. Clare had the children in
the palm of her hand and had
a lovely nature with the early
years. Looking forward to
future projects.

Audrey Stewart,
The Maelor School

ACTIVATE is employed by the
Maelor School in Penley to run
our Community Drama Group
which is held once a week for
children between 5 and 14.

Each year they produce a
fabulous show which involves
every child. They are
encouraged to put their own
input into each performance,
forget their inhibitions and
increase their confidence. The
children have a great time and
thoroughly enjoy themselves.
We could not ask for a better
coach than Clare!

Ysgol Y Gaer

We will definitely be asking
Clare back for more projects

Rector Drew VA

A very enjoyable day for us all.
The children were enthusiastic
during the entire day.

Mike Scott,
The Business & Human
Resource Centre

The standard of Activate’s work is very high...

Alexandra CP,

An expertly led workshop.
We ended with a fabulous
performance which was
presented to the whole school.


Professional Tuition at Affordable Prices!
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