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ACTIVATE (Performing Arts) is committed to ensuring the safety of every workshop participant and any staff including
volunteers who may be present.

This is done by operating the following procedures -

A Full Standard Risk Assessment is in place to cover all sessions within Schools and Theatres.

Any issues raised through the risk assessment procedures are dealt with within the stated timescale.

This is followed up by a checklist that is completed before every workshop.

Attached to the checklist is an unforeseen hazard assessment to deal with unusual risks and it must be put in writing if these are discovered. Once discovered, again it must be recorded in writing how and if this was able to be dealt with.

It must then be re-assessed.

Each participant is issued with a Procedures To Keep Us Safe document that lists all safety procedures within a workshop. This includes emotional safety as well as physical safety. This is also explained in a child friendly way.

Any new venue that is not listed within the schools and theatres risk assessment form requires a brand new risk assessment and checklist.

Any staff or volunteers are made aware of all procedures and any necessary training is given prior to working in a session.

Any session in which the risks are deemed to be high and it is not possible to reduce them will be cancelled.

This Policy is reviewed every 12 months unless circumstances arise that require it is done so beforehand or in the case where the proprietor sees fit to do so early.

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