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ACTIVATE (Performing Arts)

ACTIVATE (Performing Arts) is committed to ensuring that every member of staff, including volunteers is treated equally and with respect.
Any participant in a class or workshop is treated equally and with respect.
ACTIVATE does not list people or sections of the community that will not be discriminated against, as the company feels that this in itself is discrimination.  Therefore ACTIVATE will not discriminate against anybody and will operate within the law, making a conscious effort to also protect people who may not be covered under current legislation.

This is delivered by operating the following implementation plan -

  1. All children and adults who participate in workshops will be given equal opportunities to contribute.
  2. All members of groups will be given equal attention and tuition, no matter what character/characters they are playing within a production.
  3. All contributions and ideas will be given equal value.
  4. Anybody working for the company including any volunteers are made aware of the policies and are expected to comply with them.
  5. Any employee that does not comply with the policy will face disciplinary action.
  6. Participants in workshops will also be expected to comply and treat each other with respect.  As this is a major part of the teamwork strategy for drama, it will be addressed regularly and there are measures within workshops to ensure this takes place.  Parents will be notified if their child breaks these rules consistently and there is a need for further action.
  7. All participants in regular workshops will be given a questionnaire to fill in at the end of the academic year with a section relating to equal opportunities.  Any issues raised in these will be dealt with immediately.


When everything is implemented in every workshop, groups will feel happy, secure and valued.  This will allow confidence to grow.  This must happen for drama to succeed and is a vital part of ACTIVATE’s work.

This Policy is reviewed every 12 months unless circumstances arise that require it is done so beforehand or in the case where the proprietor sees fit to do so early.

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